At GVA MINERALS INTERNATIONAL LTD, we bring you an exquisite selection of the finest gemstones available in different styles, sizes and cuts. We are renowned for selling precious gemstones and jewellery and are home to a collection known for its uniqueness and splendour. We emphasize consistency and quality, and our gemstones are directly sourced from mines in Tanzania.

Beauty, Durability, and Rarity

Exquisite Natural Gemstones, Diamonds, Precious Metals, Jewellery & Industrial minerals.

As home to an unrivalled range to suit every taste and budget, we are the gemstone mining and dealer you can trust for genuine products. Explore our collection to discover beautiful:

  • Gemstones
  • Sapphire’s
  • Emerald’s
  • Ruby’s
  • Tanzanite’s & more

We process, cut, and polish our own gemstones to ensure maximum quality and value.

Manufacturing innovation

For speed and efficiency, our digitally controlled production lines are equipped with automated gemstone production technology. To provide optimum access to global markets, TNM Pro gemstone manufacturing units are located in:

  • Bulgaria
  • Tanzania
  • Thailand

TNM Pro is unique in the gems and jewellery sector for being amongst the industry’s only few that also mines and produces gemstones.


GVA MINERALS’s valuable logistics distribution infrastructure extends around the world.

Efficient distribution network

Domestic manufacturing for tariff-free local distribution. The GVA MINERALS INTERNATIONAL LTD regularly exhibits at many of the world’s leading gemstone and jewellery trade events.

Domestic manufacturing for tariff-free local distribution. The TNM PRO regularly exhibits at many of the world’s leading gemstone and jewellery trade events.

  • China
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • USA
  • Hong Kong
  • Southeast Asia
  • India

Why Choose Us

From Mine to Market

We buy rough rare gemstones directly from small-scale miners all over the region.

Reputation and History

We have built our company on a strong foundation of superior trust and ethics.

We are involved in every step

Liaising with miners, we offer a free testing service to help artisan miners identify.


GVA MINERALS INTERNATIONAL LTD is a private company started and registered in October 2019 by the Register of Companies in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Payment Methods
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